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Our Mission

To encourage a high level of achievement for the George Ranch High School choral program.

 To promote parental understanding of the students’ activities, opportunities, and objectives in the choral program.

To secure closer contact and communication between parents, students and the choral staff, including coordinating logistic and volunteer support for the program.

To promote music culture in the community by fostering concert attendance and public support of choir activities, thereby rendering moral support to the students.

To render financial aid in areas necessary for realizing the objectives of the George Ranch High School choral program. 

Current Booster Club Leadership

If you're interested in joining us on the Board, please send us an email! We'd love to have you!

Director: Charles Williams


President: Jacci Hotzel


Vice President of Membership and Programs: Heather Foster


Vice President of Fundraising: Angela Llano


Treasurer: Kristina Harper


Secretary: Ann Oliver


Members-at-Large: Candice Jansen

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